Homeowners association

When a home is under contract to sell, the three PDF's, (CC&R's, By-Laws and Member info form) must be provided to the buyer. The real estate agent or title company will supply a resale certificate to theTreasurer. The Treasurer will print the following PDF's and return them with the resale certificate or provide a link to this page for the agent or title company to print and deliver to the buyer.

Dues amount: $850.00

(Payable in January)

Transfer fee: $300.00

Covenants "CC&R's": PDF
(An HTML version can be found on the home page)

By-Laws: PDF
(An HTML version can be found on the home page)

Member information form: PDF
​(New member must turn in this form within 15 days)

NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the buyer to read the resale certificate at or before closing to find any property conditions that violate the covenants. The buyer takes on the responsibility to correct any violations that occurred before or after purchasing a home.

Rancho Serena Homeowner's Association
P.O. Box 2094,
Keller, Texas 76244


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