Gate Opening Exceptions

Open House:  To support residents scheduling a real estate sale open house, RSHOA will approve 1 open house per month for up to 5 hours per event.  An email request must be sent to and 7 days prior to the scheduled open house to program the gates to open.  On the day of the open house only, real estate open house signs may be posted at the outside entrances, but may not be put in the entrance sign median where we have plants.Garage Sales:  The HOA will schedule community garage sales 1-2 time per year, based on resident requests.  At that time, the front gates will be open to accommodate the community garage sale.

Gates Not Operating

-If you notice that the gates are not operating properly, please contact one of the gate committee members below, and email

-If your gate remote control is not working please use the gate code assigned to your house, or call your home or a neighbor, from the front entrance gate box to let you in.

-If there is a power outage, please do not force the gates open. We have a battery back-up system that should open up the two entrance gates.

​-If the battery back-up is not working, please contact a gate committee member below or the RSHOA President for immediate assistance. 

Entry Gates

Rancho Serena is a 24 hour/7 day a week gated community.  In respect to all of our residents, RSHOA is unable to grant requests to open up the gates for private parties and events, or private garage sales (see exceptions below).  The back gates are permanently closed and are for emergency use only.  The back gates will only be opened if the front gates are impassable.  


Steve Terry (817)271-5643

Gate Committee

Homeowners association

Gate Information

Gate Entry Remotes

Gate entry remote controls are not supplied by the HOA.  New remote controls can be purchased locally or on many internet sites, but you must purchase the Multi-Code brand with DIP switches that works with our system (rolling code remotes do not work).  Remotes can also be purchased by contacting


Matt Merkle